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Visiting the Algarve

Visiting the Algarve

Going to the Algarve on a trip can and will be a great holiday experience thanks to its plethora of pretty beaches, resorts and picturesque whitewashed towns one cannot be amiss for thinking that they should see as much of it as possible.

Thankfully the region’s businesses have a similar way of thinking and that is why you can easily find yourself some great Algarve car hire services to use while on your trip there.

In case you still don’t know what we’re talking about, the Algarve is the name of the southern part of Portugal, which features a huge stretch of coastline dotted with many resorts and fishing villages, not to mention all manner of attractions and sights of every kind all over the place.

Outside the well-known tourist enclaves you can find quiet castle towns overlooking flower-covered hillsides and some incredibly enchanting stretches of virgin shoreline.

Whilst most of the towns will look very much the same, they still offer a wide range of personality, for instance Lagos is well-known for its cobbled streets, abundant nightlife and is known as the carnival queen of the region.

On the other side of the coun there’s Monchique, a quaint town offering great views over the steep wooden countryside, while Tavira – set along a peaceful river – is elegant and laid-back.

You will most likely be entering the Algarve via Faro – the region’s capital – and this is the place with the most Portuguese feeling in the region, as well as a rather fascinating medieval quarter. Faro is very much a working city – as opposed to a coastal tourist resort – so you’ll get to experience a piece of Portuguese life here.

You can employ some Algarve car hire services and then use Faro as sort of your headquarters to explore the surrounding countryside, going from town to town and village to village.

The region is a great destination for those interested in both rest, relaxation and loungin on a beach as well as those looking to engage in all manner of activities, be they water-based sports or hiking.