Explore the mesmerizing beaches of Maldives

Explore the mesmerizing beaches of Maldives

Maldives is cluster of island that is situated on southern part of the Lakshadweep islands in India and about 700 km from Sri Lanka. It has white sand beaches and very clear blue water. It’s wonderful coral life and profuse aquatic life makes Maldives an obvious choice for the scuba divers. It may be called collection of the coral islands located on Indian Ocean.


The weather in Maldives is generally warm, humid and sunny throughout the year. Because of this it is the favorite of divers and thousands of them arrive here for enjoying the sport. The surfers across the world are also getting attracted to it fast.


International Airport and other airports of the island connect Maldives with other parts of world. On reaching airport, the travelers are required to hire seaplane or speed boat or locally available Dhoni for reaching desired location. Various modes of transport available for moving from a place to another are taxis, motorbikes or you could walk for ten minutes. Island’s ferry needs to be used to hop from one island to another.

Maldives USP

Innumerable and attractive sightseeing places have made Maldives a very popular destination for the tourists. It is indeed very refreshing and relaxing to watch Whale and Dolphin while in Maldives. You can see around 20 species of Spinner Dolphin and Whales. Exclusive trips and Goibibo flight coupons are offered by many resorts for such adventure. The tourists will be able to indulge in many types of water sports such as surfing and parasailing.

Maldives tourism

Maldives resembles a series of magnificent coral islands, situated in the Indian Ocean. It is certainly a great place for those who love to enjoy and have lot of fun under the sun and also for those who are devotees of water sports. A number of beautiful tourist places around Maldives and attractive flight coupons for Maldives have been attracting a large number of tourists to the island. Huge lagoons at many islands have been able to attract additional visitors to these places.

Important places that must be visited during your trip to Maldives include Grand Friday Mosque, biggest in island, Hukuru Miskiiy, oldest in island and Mulee Aage Palace. Other places are:

· National Museum of Maldives in Sultan Park is very old palace that has been converted to a museum is a famous tourist place.

· Trip to beaches of Maldives is a must. These are considered to be hottest beaches across the world. Maldives magnificent beaches and beautiful places around offer the tourists to fully enjoy gorgeous and exotic scenic beauty. There are many artificial waterfalls in close proximity of Maldives. The biggest of these is Sheraton Full Moon’s waterfall at Maldives. 


Maldives has many good restaurants catering for the needs of all types of visitors as per their budget. They offer luscious food to the tourists. The cuisines include Thai, Continental, Indian and varieties of Regional food that is appreciated by many visitors. Most expensive food is also catered in top quality Hotels.