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Everything you need to know when traveling to Spain – Part 1

Everything you need to know when traveling to Spain – Part 1

Today we are going to embark on an ambitious journey: to tell you everything you need to know when traveling to Spain.

There are thousands of people arriving at the Spanish airports yearly all eager to start the trip of their lifetime. And indeed, by all standards Spain is one of the most beautiful and colorful countries in the world. We can honestly say that the heart of Iberia is a must see for any traveler in the world.

So what are you to expect when traveling to Spain? As Eliza Doolittle would say, “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain”. I would in all honestly go as far as to say that the rain in Spain falls seldom… on any form of relief. Spain is a very hot country, with warm temperatures almost year-long and very torrid summers. The sun shines brightly and there are attractive tourist attractions virtually all over the country.

The Spanish people are warm and friendly as a general rule, a bit rash, a bit proud and don’t usually speak other languages well; it would definitely help your cause if you could speak at least a bit of Spanish, especially since they will open way more and be more friendly if you at least try to communicate with them in their mother tongue.

The local currency is the Euro, so if you are traveling from outside the borders of the European Union, it would be best to exchange your local currency home to avoid extra taxes.

The Barcelona area is one of extreme beauty and richness, so you are bound to want to visit it at least once in a lifetime. You can rent a car in Barcelona, get lodgings and accessible plane tickets online and it would be best to try to plan your trip with a little while in advance (that is to say, a few good months), because early booking is usually the key to getting good deals and much lower rates.



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