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Everything you need to know when traveling to Portugal – Part 3

Everything you need to know when traveling to Portugal – Part 3

Everything you need to know when traveling to Portugal can be either found out or booked online and this is the most important idea you need to retain from our discussions.

Here are some fun facts and travel ideas to consider whenever traveling to this beautiful and culturally rich European country.

The Portuguese are proud of their origin and heritage in a non-ostentatious way. They are natural and sincere people who have not forgotten that Portugal is pretty much the only country in the world to have preserved its original borders and size (ever since the 13th century) or that it used to be a large empire and a star in the Age of Discoveries.

The greatest navigators of all time were Portuguese: Vasco da Gama, Diogo Gomes, Prince Henry the Navigator. Their love for traveling helped create one of the greatest empires of the Age of Discoveries and today half a continent still speaks Portuguese (thanks to Brazil). Once upon a time though, half of the New World used to belong to the Portuguese. As for the language, it is still spoken in nine countries.

If you are up for a cultural trip, go visit the wonderful medieval city of Coimbra. We all know about Oxford and Cambridge, but Coimbra too is one of the oldest universities in the world, having been around since the middle ages and still being kept alive and young by thousands of students today.

You can rent a car in Coimbra to visit the city whether you are a student of a simple tourist.

There are a lot of lovely other spots to explore. A day trip I would always recommend would be one to Sintra, the lovely mountainous city that is home to some of the greatest castles in the country. You can actually get there pretty easily if you get a Lisbon transfer to Sintra and back.

There are endless options of things to do and places to explore in Portugal. All you need to do is discover its wonder!



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