Why everybody loves Phuket?

Why everybody loves Phuket?

Summer’s here again and everyone who can are taking off for various destinations around the globe for the holidays. For many celebrities, all roads lead to the Island of Phuket in Thailand, to spend a few idyllic weeks soaking up the sun and having fun. You may be wondering: why do they go to Phuket?

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, situated off the west coast of Thailand on the Andaman Sea. The Island is home to, apart from countless beautiful and historical sites, extremely private rental villas surrounded by, in many cases thick palm jungle that face Phuket’s picture-perfect Andaman Sea, and the island plays host to parties rivalled only by St Bart’s, and a crowd that resembles the who’s who of Hollywood, Wall Street and the fashion world combined.


Many celebrities, at various times of the year, summer, winter, etc head for this little slice of paradise in Asia, and their trip to Phuket is being noted and faithfully copied by their teeming fans. The beauty of the Island and the warm humid climate it enjoys virtually year round makes it a favorite with holiday makers all over the world. There is always something to see or do in Phuket, whether the sun is shining or there is pouring rain.

rihanna_kimiraikkonen_kate_moss_naomi_campbell_phuket_thailandWhat makes a trip to Phuket even better and more attractive to stars is the option of staying in a luxurious rental villa which is now available to them. The Kardashian/Jenner family spent a holiday in Phuket recently, and those who are fans of their reality TV show can attest to the fact that they had a whale of a time.

With its many beaches, rocky hills from which can be viewed spectacular sunsets or sunrises, the myriad variety of water sports available, elephant safaris for the adventurous, beautiful historical sites to see and a nightlife like no other anywhere else in the world, Phuket has become a celebrity magnet, and they are being drawn to it in droves.

Many of the celebrities enjoy their stay by arranging accommodation suitable to their status and their lifestyle, renting holiday, serviced Phuket luxurious villas. Their privacy and security is ensured this way because hey, one can’t be too careful especially while on holiday, especially when you happen to be a star.

Phuket has become a golf capital of the world, with championship tournaments held there regularly. Tiger Woods has been known to say that the Blue Canyon Country Club golf course in Phuket is one of the top 10 in the world, after he won a tournament there in 1998. Phuket is home to many world class events including the Kings Club Regatta and The Bay Regatta – Asia’s premier yacht racing venues, PIMEX – S.E. Asia’s leading boat show, Superyacht Rendezvous – a once yearly meeting of some of the world’s most luxurious and expensive motor yachts, The Phuket Cup – an international golfing tournament, the Ironman and Laguna Triathlon. All these are events most likely to capture and hold the attention of celebrities.

Celebrities who have been to Phuket include Jay Z, Kate Moss (who heads to Phuket almost every winter, when her native England become cold and drear), Leonardo DiCaprio, Mick Jagger, Roger Moore, ace football player Christiano Ronaldo, Billionaire Microsoft owner Bill Gates, David and Victoria Beckham, Simon LeBon and bad girl Rihanna, who managed to stir up a controversy on twitter about some of her experiences while there (she would!).

These visits fortunately have done more to fix the world’s gaze on Phuket than what 3 years of intense public relations could have done for the island. The beautiful pictures tweeted by these stars from their luxurious rental villas, or while sunbathing on the awesome beaches, or even while working out in the gym of their villas have done a lot to fire the imagination of their following, and many have come, seen and were conquered by the beauty and grace of Phuket.