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Destinations for this July (part 2)

Destinations for this July (part 2)

We’re about a week away from the start of the month of July, so we’re continuing our look at some of the destinations for this July that you should consider when planning a trip.

Budva – Montenegro

Once summer comes around Budva becomes something of a party central on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast and July promises to be a bigger party than ever

This little-known and smaller version of nearby Dubrovnik packs a lot of charm within its Old Town walls, where cobbled lanes simply beg to be explored. There’s a renowned Theatre City which stages open-air performances on and around the Citadel throughout July, proving there’s more to Montenegro’s tourism than beachside bar-hopping.

This year’s Budva attractions revolve around the Sea Dance Festival – from 15-17 July – then there’s the Exit Festival’s 15th anniversary. Jamiroquai were the first headliners to be announced and in case you’re into partying and partying, you can then pack up for nearby Novi Sad, Serbia.

Kataragama – Sri Lanka

There’s not a lot of religious harmony to go around the world today, so you might feel both refreshed and taken aback by a place like Kataragama which is sacred to Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims. This holy city has been leading a quiet life sint the 2nd century BC however it always explodes into life for a two-week festival in July: Kataragama Esala.

Tens of thousands of pilgrims complete a rather epic trek across Sri Lanka in the run-up to the festival. They’re following in the footsteps of Murugan – Hindu god of war and victory. The trek can last up to two months and at the end of it, pilgrims perform acts of self-mortification, piercing their skin with hooks, spears and arrows, rolling in hot sand and walking over glowing coals.

Even though Hindus represent the bulk of the pilgrims, they are also joined by the Muslims going to the Ul-Khizr mosque and Buddhists headed for the Kirivehara dagoba.



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