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A crazy adventure

A crazy adventure

Documenting one’s adventure abroad has become so much easier nowadays with the help of digital recording and storing of media, and it’s just a matter of choosing any of the many platforms available out there to show off one’s adventure video such as clapway TV.

So not only can you document your crazy adventure but you can also share it with others so everybody can have at least a visual taste of what you’ve seen and done.

For instance, I went on my own crazy adventure to that most intriguing and ancient land of China. I have to say that it got me feeling a bit like Marco Polo even though I had the advantage of air travel, vaccines and Google Maps and such.

Simply experiencing the massive culture shock you encounter when visiting Asia, in general, can be considered an adventure. The masses of people going to and fro, the weird sounds and smells, not to mention the cuisine, all make for a weird and wonderful experience definitely worthy of documenting.

Focusing my visit around seeing portions of the Great Wall was a great introduction to the culture so it made the shock a bit easier to take since there were usually other tourists around and so many more people speaking at least a bit of English.

Unfortunately due to various rules and laws I couldn’t film or shoot as many photographs as I would’ve wanted from my travels around the Wall but rest assured that you have a weird and interesting feeling seeing the expanse of land and ski stretching on both sides of this monument to human isolation.

Obviously there was more to my Chinese adventure but the rest of it I’ll save for a different article in the future, possibly one dedicated to the entire adventure of eating the interesting Chinese cuisine.



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