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Canada road-trip on the cheap

Canada road-trip on the cheap

canada-road-tripCanada is a huge place – as we’ve been talking about now and again – and if you really want to see it in most of its wonderful glory then you need to go on a Canada road-trip.

There are several ways of going about it, but we’ll try to take a quick gander at some of the most budget-friendly ones, because some people simply line the freedom of going where they please when they please to do so.

One of the world’s longest roads is the Trans-Canada Highway, spanning a bit over eight thousand kilometers, and it goes from St. John’s in Newfoundland, to Victoria in British Columbia.

All one has to do is rent a car and then head on the route which spans all ten provinces of Canada and gets some views of both the Atlantic and the Pacific at its extremes. You’ll also be crossing four islands, and passing through tundra, boreal forests, glaciers, national parks, prairies and about a thousand or so lakes while on this path.

Make sure you rent a car appropriate to your requirements in regards to the size of your party and the amount of luggage.

Also don’t forget to keep in mind when you’ll be driving, winter weather driving in Canada will have wildly different requirements than driving during the summer, both in terms of driver experience as well as the car itself, so keep that in mind.

You might also want to consider actually purchasing a used car for your Canada road-trip, but this option will depend heavily on the amount of time that you plan to spend in the country, not to mention your budget, obviously.

Besides these tips, plan a solid route, with stop-overs and various attractions you wish to visit, or things you wish to do, and you’ll be all set.