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Can you guess what the most famous monuments in the world are?

Can you guess what the most famous monuments in the world are?

Can you guess what the most famous monuments in the world are? If you can, good for you; if you cannot, don’t worry: we’ve prepared a list of the most recognizable landmarks on all of the globe and we are more than willing to share this list with you!

It’s kind of hard to say, “this is the top symbol or monument in the world”. So we are not going to do this – it wouldn’t be ok to start off on this path. But instead, here are some options to choose. There are a lot of people who go in search of these symbols.

The Statue of Liberty, the green 93-meter-tall statue offered by France to the young American people, was designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and built by the great Gustave Eiffel. Dominating Manhattan, New York since 1886, this majestic neoclassical sculpture presenting a magnificent woman in guise of liberty is one of the greatest symbols of the United States of America.

To see it from the highway, it’s best to rent a car in New York.

And since we were talking about the genius Gustave Eiffel, we should remember another one of his masterpieces, one that has brought him fame all over the world and the indubitable symbol of Paris: the Eiffel Tower. Meant to have a practical function (radio communication), the tower has been the symbol of the city ever since 1889 when it was erected. It has towered over the city ever since, visible from virtually any corner of the city and is beloved by all today, even though to begin with it didn’t enjoy so much popularity, being regarded as an iron monstrosity with no style.

Everybody wants to go to Hollywood and we have to admit the symbolism itself: the small village in California is more than a place. Rather it is a concept, an ideal of dreams coming true. But for those lucky enough to at least pass through, the Hollywood sign on the green hill is proof that some dreams can actually come true.



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