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Can you travel faster than Mr Miles?

Can you travel faster than Mr Miles?

Mister Miles is not just the world’s biggest traveler, he also is the fastest one. And he is challenging you is this new awesome campaign signed by Flying Blue.

All you have to do is head out to and try to fly to any destination by inputting the appropriate URL extension. For Mexico just add .mx for France, add .fr and for the US of course just input .us !

If you land before Mr Miles, you will win between 500 & 20.000 miles. You can also try and win the big prizes of 200.000 and 500.000 miles (by sweepstake at the end). But if Mr Miles landed before you, he will make you notice it in a very clever way.

Good luck with this online travel mission.

Traveling has always been a challenging experience, but by betting against Mr. Miles, you are in for the ride of a lifetime. Everybody wants to reach their holiday destination as easily and as fast as they can, and Mister Miles (and the promoters of the online campaign, of course), are curious to know just how fast you can be.

Do you dare start this whirlwind journey? Can you travel faster than Mr Miles ?

After all, you have much to gain and absolutely nothing to lose… though the prospect of getting close to winning 500.000 miles and then losing is utterly frustrating. But think about it this way: even if you don’t prove to be faster than the world’s self-proclaimed fastest traveler, you will still get an awesome ride! And after all: why not be an absolute optimist and aim for the best possibility: that you will win! All we can say is, good luck and good travel!

Find the link to Youtube below:



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