Best destinations for families (part 1)

Best destinations for families (part 1)

If traveling is in your blood, then you’ll surely want to continue doing it if you have children, especially if they’re above a certain age, there are several great destination in which families can have a great time with things to see and do for all the ages and we’ll look at a few of the best destinations for families.

rajashtanRajasthan – India

Quite possibly not the first place you think of when thinking ‘family travel’ but Rajasthan, while dry, it’s extremely colorful thanks to the rainbow shades of thousands of sparkling saris.

This Indian state is now firmly set on the tourist trail and is a great and easy introduction to the entire Indian subcontinent for family travelers thanks to its high standard of hotel accommodations and solid transportation network.

And rest assured that we’re not talking about buses and trams here, instead we’re talking more about elephants, camels and rickshaws, all of which will surely dazzle the little ones, as well as the older ones.

Lapland – Finland

The region of Finnish Lapland is the official home of Santa Claus, his reindeer, and Christmas in general. Being located far above the Arctic Circle this is a place where it’s always snowy and where you’ll find Santa’s official home and post office, alongside tall pine trees, ice hotels and the Northern Lights.

The region has a bunch of resorts where you can take part in various seasonal activities – including sleigh rides – as well as some nice accommodations such as sauna-equipped cabins.

Copenhagen – Denmark

An otherwise great destination for tourist normally, the capital of Denmark is home to the paradise of construction blocks, Legoland. As well as many other tourist objective such as Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid statue, the grand old Tivoli Gardens whose rides have been delighting children of all ages since 1843.

All of these can be more easily visited with the help of car rental services, and stay tuned for more top destinations for families.