Awesome Destination Guide How to Travel in Australia

Awesome Destination Guide How to Travel in Australia

10 Top Things You Should Know

Australia continues to grow its travel market among tourists and there are good reasons why. Australia is becoming popular for the unique outback adventures it can offer to the mountain hikers, sophisticated cities and metropolitan areas for the shopaholics and endless choices of beautiful beaches with abundant marine life to explore. With these diverse travel adventures, Australia slowly works its way up to the list of the top destinations for travellers in the world.

If you are planning to visit Australia, here are the top 10 things you need to know in order to maximize your travel experience as you explore the diverse travel destinations that you can visit in the region.

#1. Whitsundays cradles an island paradise you don’t want to miss

Australia has one of the world’s famous and expensive sailing destinations – the Whitsundays. You can find pristine waters abundant with marine life and 74 islands with white beaches with stunning mountain views and exotic National Parks to explore. Sailing through the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, one of the World’s Seven Wonders, can be pricey but worth the extraordinary travel experience.

#2. The domed rocks of Olgas

At the West side of Uluru are the major domed rocks that are found huddled together to form a spectacular view of the Olgas comprising of 36 domed rocks that form a beautiful set of deep valleys. The tallest among these domed rocks is the Mt. Olga that rises about 1066 meter above sea level. However, travellers cannot hike the domes owing to their steepness so make sure to take a good shot of the dome with you as souvenirs.

#3. The hidden top destinations in Newcastle

newcastle_australiaNot everyone knows about the hidden travel spots in Newcastle like the watering holes, cool beaches where to get the perfect tan with less crowds, Boget Hole ocean baths, long stretches of fine sands and the coolest coffee shop for a perfect relaxing areas. Simply befriend the locals and they will be very eager to reveal to you the special destinations in Newcastle worth visiting in Australia.

#4. Exciting 4WD road trip

If you are looking for an exciting 4WD adventure in Australia, drive along the northern side of the region and you can experience a great outback highway ride with rugged terrains and blue open skies to adore. Enjoy the picturesque views of waterfalls and river beds along the way too. Peak months are usually between June and August so make sure to place your advanced booking at for your travel needs.

#5. Blend of food culture in Australia

It is important to know this food trip advisory where you will be quite amused on how Australian restaurants can serve foods with a blend of different cultures especially those in Melbourne. You will find bistros, cafes, and fine restaurants that serve superb tasting foods. Tasting varieties of menus with a blend of different cultures can certainly make your travel experience great for stomach development.

#6. River Challenge and adventures

If there is one river in Australia that can bring travellers some thrills, it is the Franklin Rivers. It helps to know that Australia can offer travellers some great, thrilling and exciting white water roller coaster ride experience. You need to pass through this river in order to reach a magnificent rainforest wilderness.

#7. The combination of National Park trekking, swimming and camping adventures

National_Park_australiaYou should know that you can actually enjoy three forms of exciting adventures of swimming, bushwalking and camping at a single park in Australia, the Litchfield National Park. This 1,500 square meter wide National Park offers you spectacular views of waterfalls perfect for swimming with sandstone plateau and surrounding cliffs and forest trails for bushwalking and camping.

#8. A haven for the crocs lovers

For the travellers who like crocs, it is good to know that northern Australia is the refuge of some fearless crocodiles. You can see 5 inch crocodiles jumping out of the water to grab some meat which is a common circus show but can be an amazing sight to many visitors in Australia.

#9. A perfect road trip adventure at the Great Ocean Road

the_Great_Ocean_Road_australiaIf a road trip in Australia appeals you, it is worth knowing that you can take a 280 km ride just along the side of the surf battered cliffs that border the Great Ocean Road. You can add some excitement to your trip by taking a hike along the cliffs.

#10. Wildlife and tropical exploration

It is worth knowing that Australia has Atherton Tablelands that is rich of tropical rainforest, beautiful waterfalls and lakes with a promise of days of relaxing moment while communing with nature. It is also rich of natural attraction of its own like unique rock formation and crater lakes. Enjoy the caravan parks, and hotels that are available within the area to make your tropical exploration adventure more relaxing.