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Things to consider when relocating to London

Things to consider when relocating to London

Leaving home and relocating to London was the greatest adventure I had been through before. Actually, before moving to England, I had never been away from home for more than a week at a time, so the entire idea of the international move seemed very stressful and quite unreal, and I had never heard of Citrus Relocation.

But then again, lately, everything in my life seemed to be on fast-speed: I had just finished university and was happy with my first job, things in my life seemed to be going well, and now, the company had offered me the chance of a transfer abroad to their International Headquarter – which was a great experience, but it also meant relocating to London.

I didn’t have much time to think things through – if I had, I probably would never have left. But then, while I was preparing for my great London adventure, I found the company Citrus Relocation on the web, and all my fears and trouble was about to end.

As soon as I got in contact with them, they were answered with a friendly attitude and a word of encouragement and they chased away all my fears concerning my London relocation. Finding a place to stay in a new city is one of the hardest parts of moving there and the trick was that, while my company would pay for my 6 month stay in London, I still had to find lodgings and get settled on my own.

It was a great comfort to have professionals from Citrus Relocation with over 30 years of experience in the domain of property industry manage everything for me. They found me a lovely apartment with a reasonable rent, took care of storage – because I’m sorry to admit that I am not one of those people who travel light – and also found a company dealing with furniture rental! (To be honest, I hadn’t even known furniture could be rented, I hadn’t thought that some houses came with no stitch of furniture in the first place!

My new friends from Citrus Relocation – the first friends I made in London – even helped me socialize outside of work during the first weeks in the great and a bit overwhelming city of London. They found some recreational courses for me, I joined a music club and made more acquaintances there. Integration, I heard, was also among the things Citrus Relocation dealt with. So I will always have them to thank for a most positive relocation experience.

My stay in London turned out to be the start of an amazing personal journey, and it’s always best to start any journey with a friend by your side!