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Argentina in 7 Wonders

Argentina in 7 Wonders

How about a trip to the amazing South America today? We invite you to sit back and relax as we discover Argentina in 7 Wonders.

1. Size: Argentina is a federal republic with a staggering surface of 2.8 million sq km, making it the 8th largest country on Earth, the 2nd largest in Latin America and the absolute number one country in size among Spanish-speaking nations.

2. Age: The first humans to inhabit what is now known as Argentina lived in the Paleolithic age. In the 16th century, Amerigo Vespucci first alighted in the region, in the year 1502. Argentina was a Spanish colony until the 19th century, when it gained its independence in 1861 and began the process of true nation building.

3. The tango was born in the brothels of Buenos Aires. Paris became enamoured with the sensuous moves of the dance in 1912, marking the beginning of its fame.

4. Have you ever heard of Argentinosaurus? No, we haven’t made that one up; and yes, that’s a dinosaur, one of the biggest ever to have been found and one of the many to have been discovered in Argentina.

5. Have you ever wondered where the name of “Argentina” comes from? From the Latin word “argentum”, which means “silver”. The European settlers apparently believed the land to be filled with this precious metal.

6. The landscapes in Argentina are breathtaking and the country’s relief is spectacular. The most spectacular cascades are here; the Iguazu Falls contain 275 waterfalls!

7. Wine is a big deal in Argentina, the national liquor being the Argentine wine. Locro and Asado are on the other hand the national dishes.

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