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A wondrous world: amazing geographical curiosities

A wondrous world: amazing geographical curiosities

Sometimes it’s good to remember that we live in a wondrous world: amazing geographical curiosities await to be explored and admired and today we’re all about that!

A human does not have enough days to learn about all the amazing, surprising and beautifully odd facts of the world we live in. a day would not be enough to make an introduction, but let’s see how many interesting facts we can fit in an article.

Amazing curiosity #1: Countries are supposed to be geographically independent entities… right? Well, yes, with three notable exceptions: Lesotho, San Marino and Vatican, states that are totally surrounded by other countries.

Amazing curiosity # 2: Between 70 and 80% of the world’s freshwater is contained by glaciers. Of these, 99% are found in Arctica and Antarctica.

Amazing curiosity # 3: In Guam, there are roads actually made of corals. Really! Since sand is virtually nowhere to be found there, the locals make asphalt out of oil and coral.

Amazing curiosity # 4: Canada has the most lakes in the whole wide world. If you are wondering just how many, the answer is over 3 million lakes, amounting to around 60% of the world’s lakes. They cover around 9% of the country’s surface. So if you want to take amazing landscape pictures with blue waters and mountains on the background, you know where to find that.

Amazing curiosity #5: Not all volcanoes are scary, dangerous, lava-spitting mountains. There is such thing as mud volcanoes. The small volcanoes are the result of gas emissions and small mud eruptions.

The Berca Natural Reservation in Buzau, Romania is one of the only places in the world where you can witness this amazing world curiosity. This is just one small reason, one of the many to visit a country you will surely find surprising. If you find yourself in the capital city, an Otopeni Airport transfer will help you get to whatever destination in the country you choose.