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What to see and do in Setubal

What to see and do in Setubal

Shrug off the idea that Setubal is just an industrial, busy and polluted city! Beneath the surface lies a beautiful Portuguese destination with immense potential. Today we find out what to see and do in Setubal.

The municipality of Setubal lies just 48 kilometres away from Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, the central metropolis of the country. So you can check both destinations off your list if you decide to stay here. Plus you’ll get to enjoy the authentic and relaxing Portuguese lifestyle here. Besides, with some online transfers from Lisbon Airport to Setubal, you can easily travel from one city to the other for a fair price.

In a nutshell, in Setubal you can visit a medieval castle, beautiful stone churches and the protected natural reserve estuary. You can glimpse the water dance of enthusiastic dolphins, sample the best choco frito (cuttlefish with lemon and garlic prepared deep-fried) and hike in the wonderful and enigmatic Serra.

If you want to enjoy a view that will take your breath away, climb up to Castelo de Sao Felipe and look down on the sunny Troia Peninsula and the shimmering Sado estuary. Filip II of Spain built the fort in 1595. The strong star-shaped building was consolidated even further after the Portuguese Reconquest, when taller, thicker walls were built. Tourists flood this place all the time, but you’ll feel even more merry in company.

Also, nearby lies the stunning Serra da Arrabida, the Natural Park that blends the quiet countryside with the dramatic view over the Atlantic Ocean. You can hike, cycle or lie on a blanken amidst aromatic trees and shrubs. The secluded 16th-century Arrabida Convent also waits to be discovered in an idyllic landscape full of beauty, sunshine and flowers. You can take a moment’s respite here.

Welcome to Setubal!