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A short history of golf – Part 2

A short history of golf – Part 2

Dear friends, last time we left off quite abruptly: we only mentioned a short history of golf, so we think it is time to expand on that and give you more information of the practical aspects of playing golf in Europe nowadays.

As we were saying, the 19th and 20th centuries have seen a great boost in golf popularity and today the sport is an international attraction. Who hasn’t heard to Tiger Woods, for instance?

Golf is played in Europe, Australia, America, but also in Asia and Africa. But Europe holds probably the record for the most welcoming and beautiful golf courses.

Among the most popular golfing destinations in the world are Spain and Portugal – for obvious reasons. The sunny southern seaside region of Portugal, Algarve for instance benefits from mild and warm weather all year long and boasts with over 300 days of sun. So there’s no wonder people flood there to play golf (and also to sunbathe and enjoy a seaside vacation) every year.

The best golf courses include O’Connor, Millennium, Boavista, Laguna, Old Course, Laranjal, Silves and Victoria. And trust me, these are just a few of the big names.

Since there is a specific demand for accommodations and services during the golf season, a true golf industry has expanded. Golf has become accessible to all pockets and all classes, while it still retains something of its melancholy and elegant allure.

There are Portugal golf transfers, for instance, to take you from your location (wherever you are lodged) to your golf course of choice and back.

There are also Faro golf club hire services, as traveling with your golf courses on the plane is a tricky business and it’s even impossible in some cases. So you can rent some golf clubs straight from an office in Faro Airport.

One thing’s for sure: golf has never been more accessible!



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