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A Short History of All things Halloween

A Short History of All things Halloween

A Short History of All things Halloween is what we’re going to enjoy today. There are some fun facts still to be discovered about one of the favorite American celebration in the calendar and since this spooky and cool celebration has in recent decades contaminated the entire world, it might be interesting to learn a little bit more about all those constituents that make up Halloween as we know it today and how they came to be.

  1. Bonfires are super popular during Halloween. They used to be lit by Druids during the ancient feast of Samhain to ensure that the fading sun would return after the dark season. After all Samhain was just that: the feast of the dying sun, a time to usher in the dark and cold days after the clear season.
  2. Owls and black cats used to be thought to be witches in disguise by the very superstitious Puritan American settlers.
  3. Here is the origin of the word “witch” as well – since (costumed) witches and crazy pointy hats are true symbols, omnipresent throughout Halloween. So “witch” comes from the Old English term “wicce”, which actually means “wise woman”. There was a fine line between a healing woman, a doctor or herbalist, and a practitioner of the dark arts.
  4. Jack O Lanterns are carved pumpkins turned into lanterns by placing a candle or light bulb more recently inside. Irish legend has it that Jack was a stingy man who was banned both from heaven and from hell after tricking both God and the Devil several times. Thus, he was cursed to roam the earth waving his lantern.
  5. Originally called “guising”, the tradition of trick-or-treating dates back to medieval times. That was when poor people and children would go from door to door asking for treats or pennies in exchange for songs or prayers.
  6. Bran Castle in Romania is one of the most popular destinations during Halloween. Brasov airport transfer can take you to Dracula’s Castle… if you dare!