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A city break to Florence

A city break to Florence

Italy has a lot of heart and it is a splendid tourist attraction for everyone who wants a respite from work and everyday boring life, so a city break to Florence will provide all the cultural and artistic entertainment while maintaining the wonderfully lavish purely Italian flair.

Italy benefits from a rather warm Mediterranean climate, so you can visit Florence both in summer (when the air does seem to get a little hot, much like in Spain to take an example) and in spring and autumn (when the weather just might be perfect for strolling around and enjoying some quality time outdoors.

There are, of course, other options to explore apart from walking outdoors, so after you have strolled around the old town and crossed the amazing Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge in the city, and had the best pizza and lasagna, after a local authentic recipe in one of the tavern-restaurants that line the cobblestone streets, you can visit a variety of cultural tourist attractions.

Our mission today is to present you with a few cultural options to choose from and then after you have enjoyed your trip, we hope to get your feedback and even new suggestions:

Palazzo Uffizi houses the amazing Uffizi Gallery. Located in the Piazza della Signoria, right at the heart of town, the palace is one of the most prominent galleries in Northern Italy and definitely a spot you must not miss in Florence.

Next stop: the Florence Cathedral, the first aspect of which you will notice being the gold door and the beautiful facade. The 12th century cathedral is also known under its full name, Maria del Fiore Cathedral.

Even the town hall is spectacular in Florence: the Palazzo Vecchio houses the amazing administrative siege of the city. This imposing constructions has stood tall ever since 1314.

If you want to rent a car in Florence, you can admire all this and more.