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If it’s October it’s Fiesta in Spain!

If it’s October it’s Fiesta in Spain!

If it’s October it’s Fiesta in Spain! The gentle months of autumn are the perfect time to visit Spain and the Iberian Peninsula. The weather is a tad chilly for sunbathing for long stretches of time, but the days are still warm and the evenings are cold enough for just a sweater. So I for one would call this exquisite weather for a holiday, not to mention the high season is over and the prices tend to be a bit more accessible and the crowds less intimidating.

So what are the most exciting events to be looking for this October in Spain? Here are a few ideas!

Catalonia is always a great option. In October, you can enjoy life on the elegant rhythms of the Barcelona Jazz Festival, which will take place around the last days of October. Jazz lovers will enjoy music from some of the best known musicians of the genre, as well as contributions from up and coming artists.

In Tarragona, also in Catalonia, there is also an ongoing human castle building competition.

You can rent a car in Barcelona if you want to visit the city – and you have a lot of things to see there indeed.

In Zaragoza, every year, there is a greatly entertaining event to attend: the Fiesta del Pilar, held before October 12th and meant to honor the Virgen del Pilar, the patron saint of the city. The festival is much more than a religious festival, so expect great food, beautiful displays of flowers and parades.

And if you like architecture, the Madrid Architecture Week which will last until October 7th is the best place to be if you want to learn it all about the local buildings and about this trade.

Not to mention October 12th is the Spanish National Day, so everyone will have a day off and all will be welcome to join in the fun.