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7 Quick facts about Malaga

7 Quick facts about Malaga

Andalusia, in Spain is a region with a life of its own, a realm of different cultures and fascinating history. At the heart of it, a prosperous city emerged: Malaga. Phoenician city then Arabic trading center and important player during the Reconquista, Malaga is today not only an economically prosperous city, but also a great tourist destinations.

If you are planning to visit, here are 7 Quick facts about Malaga!

Number 1# General Franco wanted to turn this Costa del Sol gateway into a sort of European Florida.

Number 2# There are 13 million holidaymakers from all around the world (particularly from Western European countries, like Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain and France) who come lie on the warm and welcoming Malaga beaches every year.

Number 3# The most famous citizen of Malaga is the beloved cubist painter Pablo Picasso. Now, he has a museum honoring his memory in his own hometown. Featuring 155 of Picasso’s pieces, the 66 million Euro museum was inaugurated in 2002, housed in the Palacio de Buenavista, a 16th-century building.

Number 4# Another famous son of Malaga city is Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas, who is always proud of his hometown.

Number 5# Malaga men are lucky guys, because according to a recent Junta poll, there are 566,913 people living in Malaga, of which 294,239 are women (so 21,565 more than men).

Number 6# The Moorish influence in Andalusia is ever present, but Malaga has not one, but two Moorish castles: Alcazaba and Gibralfaro. Alcazaba is situated close to the Roman Amphitheatre which has been recently rebuilt and inside the castle, you can actually visit the Archeological Museum. Gibralfaro is a 14th century Moorish castle.

Number 7# Private airport transfers in Malaga are the best transport option when traveling to the town, especially when one comes here for the first time.