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5 Things to do in Andorra

5 Things to do in Andorra

Conveniently settled at the heart of Europe, this tiny gem of a country is a universal travel destination, in the sense that it is worth visiting it regardless of the season. To cite just a few examples, here are 5 Things to do in Andorra. Let’s go!

So let’s say you’ve just arrived and you feel like walking around, doing a bit of exploring, First stop: Casa de Vall, a late-16th century building, originally the family home of some rich locals, is today the seat of the Parliament of Andorra. Located just at the center of town, it combines several architectural styles and influences, featuring old documents and interesting murals, as well as period furniture and decorations.

Casa de Vall can be the start of your city exploration. Next stop: shopping. This activity is so popular in Andorra and the city-country is regarded as a shopping (and tax) haven; bear in mind that it is likely to find here items that are 20-30% cheaper than in France or in Spain!

Do you feel like having a drink after walking such a long distance? No problem, help is on the way! La Birreria Andorra is one of the the best pubs in town, offering a wide selection of bottled beer, cheese and snacks.

After this stop, you are ready to walk free and enjoy nature – and Andorra does display great beautiful here.

Andorra is a very popular destination for winter sports. Ski resorts such as Grandvalira Ski Resort, get absolutely crowded during the winter. The Ice Palace is another place to see, come and enjoy sports during winter. This doesn’t mean, however, that scuba diving and snorkeling aren’t also options here during summer.

The moral of the day is: don’t underestimate tiny places! If you need to rent a car in Andorra, this can also be done online quite easily.