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Low cost seaside vacations for summer 2018- Part 1

Low cost seaside vacations for summer 2018- Part 1

If low cost seaside vacations for summer 2018 are an interesting subject for you, then you will be thrilled to know that we have a long list of suggestions and ideas in store for you.

Europe is preparing for the summer holidays and the hot destinations for the season are once again in high demand. So where is it that Europeans and not only travel for a bit of fun in the water and in the sun in the coming months?

One of the most popular destinations for those who want to plan a seaside holiday is Greece. The sunny country of the ancient Greek gods is one of the best and most welcoming places you can find. The prices are accessible locally, the Mediterranean food is great, with an emphasis on seafood and sweets.

Where to go in Greece? Athens is a must see, but if you want to actually spend some time by the Aegean Sea, Thessaloniki is the city for you. Along with the nearby resorts, one of the most popular of which is Paralia Katerini, this is an extremely vivid and beautiful place to spend a week or more with your family or friends.

With Thessaloniki car hire you can add the mobility granted by a car to your experience.

The beaches in Greece are soft with golden fine sands, the Aegean Sea is a mostly quiet and calm sea, of the deepest blue. You can and should take a cruise, because this way you can learn how to dance Sirtaki, meet people from all over the world and explore the waves and islands of the endless beautiful sea.

As for the locals, the experience of Greece is a very personal and familiar one for everyone, the people are welcoming and vastly informal, so you will feel happy and without constraints.



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