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Canada – British Columbia trip

Canada – British Columbia trip

british-columbia-tripBritish Columbia is Canada’s third-largest province, bigger actually than most US states – except for Alaska – and this is just one of the features that superlatives can apply to when it comes to a British Columbia trip.

Visitors to the province will be simply moved by the sheer enormity of the towering mountains, dense forests and insane length of crenulated coastline, but oftentimes it’s the smaller details that will make a British Columbia trip truly magical.

Form calming ferry rides that will take you sliding across glassy inlets to tiny island communities, where you can enjoy some freshly-caught seafood that will beat any five-star restaurant in the world. Those interested in regional history will also find British Columbia to be to their liking because they can find a plethora of fascinating aboriginal and colonial heritage in various places like Bella Coola Valley and Nelson. Also considering the vastness of the place you can bet that outdoor types won’t be sad to visit because they can enjoy a whale- or bear-watching trek on the Queen Charlotte Islands.

Obviously that’s just one of the more ‘out there’ things that you can do here as an outdoorsman, the province has a very nature loving reputation, but as a bit of a contrast to said reputation you have very cosmopolitan Vancouver with its wonderful mix of international fusion, mixing cuisine and cultures from Asia and other places around the globe.

The province is truly a jewel of nature, and this will frame your entire experience, so you better do a great job of framing it yourself. Meaning that make sure to adjust your camera to ‘panoramic’ and start shooting left and right the images of snow-crowned mountains, glimmering lakes, white waterfalls and lush forests.

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