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World-Class Fitness Center

World-Class Fitness Center

With the increasing number of fitness centers across the globe springing up rapidly, it is definitely tough to decide which one is the best amongst them all. It is imperative to know whether one is interested in physical fitness only with respect to appearance or is it that one wants a complete lifestyle change in order to live a healthy nutritious life. The latter is the sensible way to go, after all what is the point of just having attractive looks without actually feeling fit from within. One can find all this and a lot more at PhuketFit– a fitness and health center located in Phuket, Thailand.

PhuketFit is a great escape in a land full of natural surroundings and clean air to breathe. Unlike other fitness centers, at PhuketFit, guests are welcomed to stay with them in a beautiful resort. All the fitness and health sessions take place on the resort premises. This place is perfect for everyone who hates making fitness a monotonous routine and are looking for something more. More in terms of kick-starting an entirely new healthy lifestyle alternative to live a better life.

The three main programs that are offered by PhuketFit are
• Weight Loss
• Detox And Cleanse
• Total Fitness

The weight loss program at this health center is not like the regular ones that involve crash dieting, exhaustive exercise and so on. The best part about this program is that it is personalised as per the needs of the individual and is a scientifically proven approach to burn that extra fat, energize and cleanse the overall body from the inside out. The elements that make up this weight loss program successful are physical training, nutrition and education.

The second program is called as the ‘Detox and Cleanse’. Understanding that almost every human being is stressed about something or the other takes a toll on mind and body alike. The fitness and wellness professionals indulge in trying to ease out stress by eradicating toxins with the help of delicious raw food diet that helps the body to restore physical and psychological balance. It also includes traditional oil massage, meditation class, yoga breathwork, and so on.

The third one is the ‘Total Fitness’ program that is designed to assist people who wish to not settle for anything less when it comes to their fitness. With the help of this program one can intensely enhance the level of fitness, loose weight, and improve strength and flexibility. This one also involves a personal evaluation with Dr.Yai, a certified trainer with a PHD in nutrition. This evaluation helps decide the course of action for the entire fitness program especially suitable for the guest.

PhuketFit is a committed all-in-one health, fitness and lifestyle center that has been doing great work. The team consists of fitness and wellness professionals who work day and night in order to gratify their guests to achieve maximum health and fitness benefits. The main goal is to attain the gold standard with respect to training and nutrition in Phuket and share it with people from across the globe. They believe that with the implication of cleanses, fitness, yoga and healthy food, anyone can achieve the ultimate lifestyle to live a healthful life.