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Where to stay during your Mumbai holiday

Where to stay during your Mumbai holiday

India is a fascinating land of great contrasts and outstanding wonders. Once you have entered the colourful universe of this agglomeration of people, ideologies and cultures, you know you have been changed forever. But before you get to actually plunge into the great mystery that India is, be sure to tend to the more practical issues, such as where to stay during your Mumbai holiday.

Mumbai is one of the most populous cities not only in India, but in the entire world and a great holiday destination. The islands were inhabited since the Stone Age, so this is a chance to actually see a land that actually saw the dawns of history.

Today, Mumbai is one of the major cultural and economic centers in India, a welcoming melting pot and home to most of the Indian billionaires. There are countless attractions, among which we should definitely count the most prominent.

The symbol of town is the Gateway of India built in honor of King George V and Mary in 1911, back when India was under British rule. It is the starting point for most city tours.

The Marine Drive is the greatest promenade in town, following the Arabian Sea beach. A picturesque display of beauty, this is a walk you simply can’t miss.

Mumbai is also the place to visit the Mumbai National Park with its ancient Buddhist caves dedicated to the ancient gods.

After a long busy day, you will want to go “home”, so you should know there are plenty of opportunities for lodgings here, 2 bhk flats in Mumbai and the offers are quite tempting.

You can feel at home in an atmosphere that is very… Occidental, so to speak, with great accommodation facilities at accessible prices.

India is definitely a stop you should make in your travels at least once in a lifetime, should you have the chance!