Having Your Wedding in Vancouver, British Columbia

Having Your Wedding in Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is one of Canada’s most beautiful cities, and therefor is a prime location for weddings all year round. Nothing is more extravagant than having your special day behind a mountain panorama, scenic ocean views, and surrounded by great food and family. We have three tips to help you plan your wedding in Vancouver to make sure you have the best experience possible:

1) Always plan a limousine ahead of time

The transportation to and from your venues is one of the most important parts, and knowing how you’re going to get to and from reception, ceremony, dinner, honeymoon, and everything in between can be stressful! Leave it up to a professional wedding limousine company such as Intralink Transportation.

Always book your limo ahead of time to make sure there is availability, and ensure you know the party size you’ll require. Make sure to count how many bridesmaids and groomsmen twice!

2) Check reviews online

Knowing whether your church, place of worship, or other venue for your wedding is reputable or not is a huge deal. You want to make sure you get the utmost quality and service from your venue, and that they’ll be able to accommodate all of your needs. Review websites like Yelp can provide you with unbiased opinions on how people found their service.

Be sure to also check out your caterer online as well! The caterer should be able to provide options for all of your guests, regardless of intolerances, allergies, and diets.

3) Enjoy yourself!

The most important part of a wedding in Vancouver? Enjoying it. Make sure to relax yourself and enjoy being pampered. Your caterer, limousine chauffeur, family and more will be able to help you pull together your wedding, so you can focus more on the beauty of the city you’re in.

All around you there are attractions to see, from Grouse Mountain, to Whistler Village, the Capilano Suspension Bridge, Stanley Park, and so much more! Visiting these (or any of the dozens of other) attractions Vancouver and the surrounding area has to offer is one of the perks of being in this beautiful city. Your limousine chauffeur will have no problem making sure you and your party are transported to and from these locations on time.

Take in the mountains, enjoy the beaches, food, and everything that Vancouver has to offer. You won’t regret it.