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Villa Bergolo – Italy villa bed and breakfast

Villa Bergolo – Italy villa bed and breakfast

Today we’ll be looking at one Italy villa bed and breakfast which you might want to consider for your next trip to the Bergolo Comune located in the Province of Cuneo in the region of Piedmont.

Villa Bergolo - Italy villa bed and breakfast

Villa Bergolo – Italy villa bed and breakfast

This wonderful villa is located in an idyllic and rustic scenery in which little has changed since the late 19th century.

The Villa Bergolo is just a 5 minute drive from the medieval village of Bergolo, one of the smallest medieval villages in Italy which might just be worth a visit and then a stay at the villa.

The bed and breakfast has been renovated and brought up to modern tourist standards so as to provide the greatest level of comfort and enjoyment. The rooms are very bright and airy featuring fair sized en-suites as well as over-sized beds populated with some of the finest and soft cotton sheets possible.

Using the Villa Bergolo Bed and Breakfast as a base of operation you can do any number of activities from hiking to exploring the surroundings.

Some of the activities that the region affords you are of course, biking and hiking, but there is also the opportunity for horseback riding. Stables are located just a 25 minute drive away. However, one of the activities that you can’t really get to do in most other places is hot air ballooning and this can be arranged for at pretty much any time of year.

As far as exploring goes, at a swift 15 minute drive you can find a larger town called Cortemillia, from which you can find and buy pretty much anything that you’d need for your vacation needs, as well as dine on great local recipes.

The nearby town of Alba is well known around the world for its White Truffels. Alba is the biggest town in the vicinity and is only a 40 minute drive. It has everything that Cortemillia does but also designer stores and amazing architecture.

There are many more things to see and do whilst in this region of the country, so consider the Villa Bergolo as your Italy villa bed and breakfast headquarters.