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Unique Ways to Enjoy your Travel to India

Unique Ways to Enjoy your Travel to India

India is a very interesting country to visit in Asia and it has attracted numerous travelers from distant places. Many tourists are drawn and very much keen on experiencing what this Asian nation all about. There could be several reasons why a stranger would want to explore a new corner in this part of the world.

Probably you are planning to take a flight to India in hopes to get the best travel experience worth even for just once in a lifetime. For those of you who already sampled India in one of your trips visiting this nation for the second time is very likely possible since India has a very rich cultural heritage and the beautiful sites are too many to handle in just one India trip. Finding unique places and things to do India is not a problem the only consideration is to plan ahead and organize your India itinerary before starting your exploration.

Inspiring Contemporary Art Discovery in India

It does not matter whether you are an artist by profession or just appreciate good works of art India is an exciting destination for unique finds in the world of arts. Combining ancient traditional art style with contemporary flair resulting into an art fusion is truly amazing for the eyes of any art lover. Driving towards South Delhi will take you to an amazing museum which is the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art. Newly built in January of 2010 the Kiran Nadar Museum is a venue created to promote contemporary art of India. This museum is ideally located for easy access to anyone who wishes to visit.

The Nature Morte Gallery also in New Delhi is a devoted space and the pioneer in promoting experimental contemporary art in India. Today it is a notable gallery that visually identifies the unique Indian contemporary art and now recognized in the global art world.

Explore India’s Spirituality

It is written in history that India founded the majority of the world’s religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. Some 2000 years ago St. Thomas brought Christianity while the number of Muslims are rapidly growing making India as the home for the second largest group of people who are practicing Islam all over the world. With more than 80% of Indians practicing Hinduism it is very evident in how they are living on a day to day basis with many philosophies and numerous religious practices that truly make India a good place to rediscover spirituality. A unique trip to Kathmandu will take you to 5000 year old temples and holy shrines which are dedicated to their living gods. Visiting the city of Varanasi which is the most spirituality devoted place in India houses a massive temple complex and the impressive Golden Temple of Amritsar where you can take a good glimpse of the tight spiritual culture of India.

Rustic Village Life in India

For a totally unique travel discovery to India, experience the rustic village lifestyle firsthand since it is worth the effort and is very rewarding. Rural villages are located far from the chaotic noise of the city- open spaces, with lush greeneries and fresh air to revive your weary mind and body. The pastoral beauty is priceless while the hospitable and kind people of the village are worth spending time with. If you would want to experience genuine village life then head out to Kerala Village here everything is still built by hands and technology is a strange word. People here show exceptional hospitality wherein guests are treated as godly beings. Rajasthan is a special place in India with villages that are most historical and traditional. In order to fully enjoy the rustic charms of a Rajasthan village a camel ride is a good way to explore the timid and unhurried lifestyle in this area. 



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