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Travel first aid kit

Travel first aid kit

Traveling is one of the heart’s delights, a time to be happy, sheltered both from boring reality and from all harm. But those of us who are more cautious will also think about the unexpected and will admit there are advantages to owning a travel first aid kit.

Of course obsessing over the tiniest details that could ruin your vacation or putting the worst case scenario first is a bad way to go, and we would never advise towards that! But on the other hand, venturing completely unprepared into the unknown can be a bit unwise.

A balanced attitude, combining prudence with optimism, is what you should go for when you plan your holiday. And, especially if you are traveling to a place that might pose moderate threats or bring its fair share of unpredictable aspects, be sure to take your travel first aid kit.

You can store it in the car or keep it in your back-pack. If you are hiking or out on a safari for instance, you never know when you might need a wipe or dressing. The same goes for long drives, like road trips or the likes.

In short, let’s take a moment to look inside and see what a travel first aid kit should contain! Hygiene is essential wherever you are, to keep you protected against bacteria and endemic diseases, so cleansing wipes must always be present. Maps and guidance leaflets must also be there, especially if you are traveling to a new place, where you are likely to get lost.

Secondly, the travel first aid kit is most useful when you happen to get hurt. Don’t worry – it might be a minor bruise or cut, but still you may need wash-proof plasters, bandages, non-adherent dressings and a good pair of scissors if you need to trim the bandages or cut material.

Gloves and microporous tape are also good to carry in your kit. The best thing is to carry these items without having to use them, but in any case prevention is better than cure and it is best to be prepared!