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Toronto trip

Toronto trip

toronto-tripGoing on a Toronto trip will have you visiting a very urban, yet green place, a regional leader in culture with a thriving art community and food scene. You can spend weeks going from one urban attraction to another, but you can also enjoy a lot of green in the city as well with plenty of parks and natural spaces filling in city gaps.

Due to its geographical location, Toronto is very much a city at the mercy of the seasons, the local weather being highly influenced by the dramatic shifts from one season to another. This also has a direct effect upon the behavior of the locals, and for those who aren’t interested in the cold experience of winter, nor the windy experience of early spring, they should try for a July trip when everyone is outside, pubs are filled and the parks are abuzz with people.

However, those who do want to visit during the cold season, they’ll notice almost derelict streets because the locals have realized that the snowy streets are no place to be in, and instead they head underground into a network of subterranean walkways called PATH. Also winter is hockey season, and hockey is huge in Canada, so fans of the sport will surely want to check it out during the winter.

As far as the cultural life of the city goes, Toronto benefits from a mélange of immigrants who have relocated their various cultures into one city thus creating a hyperactive blend of ethnic, subcultural and historic districts. This patchwork of neighborhoods shapes the social agenda of Toronto making it a complex, tolerant and unpretentious place to live in, and a great and varied place to visit.

Then there’s also the Greater Toronto Area – GTA – which is a deep plain furrowed by leafy ravines where you can see raccoons, eagles and a bunch of people doing all sorts of healthy exercising.

In case you’re not interested in running all over the place, considering some Canada car rental services would be a good idea.