Tips for travelling by bike (part 2)

Tips for travelling by bike (part 2)

Today we’ll be finishing talking about the tips for travelling by bike we started talking on Friday, because there are still a few things to mention.

Where to stay

Spending the night depends exclusively on the type of holiday you’re looking for. Some prefer to also camp while biking, but keep in mind this will increase the amount of weight that you have to carry. On the other hand, many biking routes out there are planned so that you can have places to stay at at the end of every day of your journey.

Hostels are always an option, so are hotels, it mostly depends on the type of region that you’ll be cycling through. For instance, if you’re going through more rural parts of a given region, then a tent might be a good idea. Don’t forget to do some serious research into this area.

Which supplies to bring

Some supplies will depend heavily on the particular circumstances of your bike tour but there are some generally accepted supplies that are must-haves such as: helmet, clothing appropriate to the weather that you’ll be cycling in, phone, passport with all the relevant visas, water and some high-energy snacks of course, you never know when you need a little pick-me-up while on the trial.

How much stuff you should bring

Again, this one depends heavily on exactly where you’ll be biking through. If you’re biking through a barren, desert-like region then most likely some camping gear will be required; in such a case you’ll also need to pack all the food that you’re going to eat as well, we’re talking more than a couple protein bars here.

Make sure that you bike can carry the load and also practice riding it with the weight that you’ll be carrying, there’s no better way to determine exactly how much you can handle.

Don’t forget to practice

Practice by going on a weekend tour with a weight similar to that which you’ll be taking with you. Also make sure your bike is in good condition and don’t forget to take some basic maintenance tools and supplies with you, just in case.