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This is the ultimate list of travel tips (Part 1)

This is the ultimate list of travel tips (Part 1)

With summer being in full strength, This is the ultimate list of travel tips, very useful regardless of where you want to travel to and what you want to do during your holiday this season.

Summer is not the happiest part of the year without a few days off to go somewhere nice and to get away from the mundane existence in the office, in a flat…

So here are a few things you should consider when traveling, but also when planning an upcoming trip:

  1. Try to research your trip. Spontaneity is great, but there is enough that can be said about planning in advance and documenting your options and your favorite runner up destinations. So how does one document and research a trip? Doing this online is the best and most accessible these days, also providing the most options and ideas. There are blogs, entreprises and travel websites on the Internet. But there are also still travel shops and agencies where you can consult an agent face to face and get info from a travel expert. You might find that prices are comparable, so it’s good to check both out.
  2. Try to find a place where you can feel best at the best time of the year. For instance, summer is a perfect time to go to the Island of Madeira. Autumn is rainy and unpredictable in terms of weather, so you might want to go there in late spring or in summer instead, to enjoy the full strength of sun and warmth.
  3. Book your plane tickets, lodgings, Madeira airport transfer and Madeira car rental vouchers in advance. It is best to take your time to book some time in advance, because prices have a tendency of rising unpredictably during high season.
  4. Plan things to do and places to visit during your trip. There are several things you might want to do and a lot of attractions you want to visit a specific place, so you should already have a list ready!