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These are the top cultural attractions in Lisbon – Part 1

These are the top cultural attractions in Lisbon – Part 1

These are the top cultural attractions in Lisbon that you can’t miss during your stay in the wonderful capital city of Portugal. We are going to visit them just quick enough to make you curious without spoiling any surprise for when you want to visit.

Castelo de Sao Jorge will top our list. This visit to the peak of the hill overseeing the entire Alfama district, basically the most authentic part of town, might mark your journey through the historical part of the city.

The Castle has been around since the middle ages, a herald of the ancient Iron Age and a symbol of the Portuguese permanence. It has been partly restored in recent years and designed to look like a fortress again. There are thematic rooms with a lot of artifacts to admire and the view from the upper garden above the hill is positively breathtaking.

Arriving in Lisbon, this was the first attraction I visited and it really served as a great starting point for an exploration of the history and architecture of one of the most fascinating cities in Europe.

The Belem Tower, built in the Byzantine and Gothic style, is one of the most emblematic constructions in Lisbon. It is a tower at the mouth of the Tagus River meant to hail the glorious history of navigators and explorers. The tower is one of the most intensely visited and photographed sites in the city and a beautiful landmark. Street markets are also popular here, plus there are options of food and handicrafts to purchase as well. So you can have a bite while you wait to enter one of the most interesting symbols of Lisbon.

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