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The Traveling Zodiac – Part III

The Traveling Zodiac – Part III

The Traveling Zodiac takes us farther as we unravel the favorite destinations of the remaining six signs of the mystical calendar. Let’s take a quick look into some of the fit destinations for each of them:

Libras love to meet new people. They are all for the experience, so every journey must be more than a mere trip for them. They will enjoy the unique and wild Tibet, as well as Mexico, Spain or England. In Mexico, they will want to visit the region with Cancun airport car rental, as they enjoy their freedom as well.

Scorpios are intense people with very strong individualities. They enjoy their freedom and alone time without completely isolating themselves from the crowd. Tanzania, Canada and Norway are some options for them.

The idealistic and dreamer Sagittarius constantly tries to reconcile his emotional high needs with the earthly draw. The centaur will want to learn from other cultures and acquire new knowledge and experiences. Mongolia, Egypt, Iceland and Bolivia are just a few picks.

Much like the Virgo, the Capricorn is an organized traveler. A bit of a control freak, the Capricorn hates surprises. Vienna or Prague count as “sure” and “safe” destinations for this elegant guy.

Aquarius is a special, fragile figure. They take every trip as a unique opportunity and they will bring about a good book with them. Sweden is a good choice of destination.

Last but not least, Pisces are volatile and versatile. They may appear to have no particular interests, but at least in terms of traveling, they are very clear on their preference of distant and beautiful places, preferably by the ocean. Japan and Portugal are obvious choices. In Portugal, they will enjoy a Porto tour for sure! But then again, who wouldn’t?

Here’s our advice: travel regardless of your sign!



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