Something Different Every Day at the Dubai Shopping Festival

Something Different Every Day at the Dubai Shopping Festival

These days, shopping isn’t solely about the product that is offered. People now ask, “How the product is offered?” Nowadays shopping has become closely associated; the two terms have become somewhat inseparable. When it comes to shopping, those addicted to it hunt for the best destination. Dubai has evolved into an ideal shopping destination since the modern city has risen from the Arabian Desert. A shopaholic’s needs are best served by Dubai, the city has been proving its ground in this regard for the last 19 years it has organized Dubai shopping festival.

The Best Among the Rest

Dubai shopping festival is the most extravagant shopping festival in the Middle East and is among the largest shopping festivals around the world. The event has attracted hundreds of thousands of people over the past 20 years, along came millions of dollars. The question “How the product is offered?” is best answered by Dubai’s malls and shopping festivals.

A Month Packed Full of Fun and Frenzy

Dubai shopping festival 2014 had been subject to a lot of anticipation by the world and its visitors. The event pursued from 2nd January to 2nd February 2014. This mega-happening consisted of several activities and events within to enhance the shopping experience of its subjects. Consumer necessities and top end luxuries were significantly discounted at malls throughout Dubai. The 32-day event started with an extravagant opening ceremony characterized mainly by breathtaking sight of fireworks that were precisely manipulated ought to amaze the audience and to keep their interest engaged.

Cultural Cultivation

The festivities during the event were not only related to shopping. Portrayal of Emirati culture along with several other cultures was also an important part of the festival. Global village and Al Seef Street are worth mentioning in this regard. Several family activities, shacks and stalls were out there to serve people with amusement. These places not only offered a glance at cultures around the world but also the taste of their cuisines. Music and dance performances by renowned local and foreign artists also distracted the visitors.

The Range is Unlimited

The extent of shopping concerned activities served the audience with items of personal use; to expensive jewelry to finely crafted handmade items. Visitors were presented with gifts upon shopping, encouraging their contribution to Dubai’s economy. Several gifts via coupon and lucky draw were presented to visitors. These gifts even included gold bars.

To sum up Dubai shopping festival 2014 has been a successful event, adding up to Dubai’s reputation. The happening proved to be profitable in all senses to both the people and Dubai’s government. The event truly inspired the meaning of the term shopping in Dubai.

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