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Solar Energy Incentives

Solar Energy Incentives

We hear it every day from ecologists, from organizations and from scientists, and lately, all people are becoming aware of the hazards of pollution and of the fact that the world we are leaving as heritage to our descendants may no longer be the earthly heaven it was once upon a time.

The carbon dioxide released into our planet’s atmosphere today will stay there for over a century. And while people who just want to seize the day may not care much for this, carbon dioxide also has short-term effects that affect us, because it creates the global warming effect. Current technologies do keep the wheels of industry moving, but they release massive amounts of CO2.

The solution and the responsible thing to do would be to replace these technologies with eco, bio-friendly alternatives which emit no carbon dioxide and can even increase performance.

Alternative energy sources include wind energy, geothermal energy, hydroelectric energy, biomass and solar energy. Of all these, solar energy is by far the best. A system of 1.5 kw PV will basically keep out over 110.000 pounds of CO2, so the atmosphere can be cleaner in the next half a century. This shows humanity there is still hope!

Recently, governments have also become aware of the advantages of this means of producing energy, so Solar Energy Incentives have been introduced. These basically encourage residents to use non-polluting, eco-friendly and renewable sources of energy. If they do, they get tax credits, discounts, convenient loans, exemptions and deductions. With this incentive, why not be good citizens of the world?

This solution just might be the brilliant way to reconcile ethic responsibility and profit. But whatever reason lies behind the individual choice of using solar energy – and other alternative sources as well – this option is something to keep in mind.