Railway trips between UK to Europe

Railway trips between UK to Europe

Railway connections between UK and France enable fast convenient travel between cities.

Trains travel at high speed from International train stations located at London St Pancras, Ebbsfleet and Ashford which are both in Kent.

London St Pancras is in the city of London, it is a popular location for tourism and business travellers. Business travellers and tourists have the choice of using high-speed domestic trains or international trains to Europe.

Popular destinations in Europe include Paris, Disneyland Paris, Netherlands, Belgium and Lille. Many travellers from Europe head directly to London and although this will always be the main attraction for passengers, a new theme park near Ebbsfleet may soon be a popular tourist location too. Paramount have unveiled plans for a World-class Theme Park located near Ebbsfleet welcoming new tourist .

Paramount have already got many venture partners excited with their plans for unique rides, including some brands that are already internationally famous such as BBC shows.

Ebbsfleet provides the perfect park and ride location with low cost parking compared with London and easy access to London’s Orbital motorway the M25.

The government has released plans to develop Ebbsfleet into a Garden city with tens of thousands of new inhabitants. The plans are dubbed to change the face of housing developments in Europe, furthermore provide an for such future developments, however few places will have rail and road infrastructure as well equipped as at Ebbsfleet.

High-speed Domestic Commuter Trains.

Commuters often travel to and from London often for work or tourists for accommodation. Many hotels are located in London, however if you are on a budget or staying long term rates outside of London can be less expense.

Stratford is just 6 minutes by train to St Pancras and 11 minutes to Ebbsfleet in Kent. Stratford hosted the Olympic stadium in 2012, so may be of interest for tourists, also they have a retail shopping center called Westfield, which has hundreds of top brand stores.

Another massive shopping center called Bluewater is located near Ebbsfleet in Kent, also very popular for shopper as it has over 300 shops and free car parking for over 12’000 cars.

Transport to Europe by Train

Trains travel between Kent, UK and France in just 1 hour. A journey between London and Paris is completed in only 2 hours and 15 minutes.