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Porto Discoveries Theme Park celebrates exploration history

Porto Discoveries Theme Park celebrates exploration history

Today, Portugal is a European state whose prominence is somewhat limited to the geographical confines of the country, plus the island of Madeira, but centuries ago, during the Age of Discoveries, the Portuguese were the greatest explorers and conquistadors.

Henry the Navigator, Joao Alfonso de Aveiro and Vasco da Gama are just a few of the prominent figures of navigation and exploring, visionaries who expanded the world as people back there knew it.

The new Porto Discoveries Theme Park celebrates exploration history. ‘World of Discoveries’ based in Miragaia, Porto, it features both an interactive theme park and a museum. The purpose is to reenact the history of Renaissance world exploring.

The park is equipped with navigation tools, 4D globes and maps and other gear, along with scenarios that realistically reproduce how it would have been to take a boat ride in the 15th or 16th century.

The investment entailed in the setting up of the ‘World of Discoveries’ park was 8 million Euro. The local officials hope this daring new concept museum will attract as many visitors as possible – aspiring to around 300.000 people a year.

The Portuguese Age of Discoveries virtually paved the way to the creation of a globalized world we still live in today. So navigation and exploring should be etched in the inner history and consciousness of all of us.

The ‘World of Discoveries’ theme park is equally exciting for adults and children. It serves its didactic purposes and offers a day of entertainment and also education. So it is worth a visit at least once. Afterwards, you can grab a snack in Porto or spend the day outdoors.

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