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Polar opposite European destinations for winter 2012

Polar opposite European destinations for winter 2012

The winter season is upon us in the old continent of Europe, with increasing quantities of snow and constantly decreasing temperatures, however there are many who love the season both for the holiday spirit that imbues it as well as for the presence of snow and snow-related activities.

Considering the size of the continent and the very different nature of the countries that make it up, one can find pretty much any type of winter destination that one would ever dream of within the geographical borders of Europe, in this article we’ll talk only about a couple of them.

Abisko in Sweden

This is almost the farthest north that you can get in Europe by train, the town of Abisko in Lapland is for those who rejoice cold and serious winter. In this place the sun doesn’t rise for several weeks in December and January, however the darkness is not ever-present because this is one of the best places in the world to witness the greatest light show on the Earth, literally, the Aurora Borealis. If you plan going this up north make sure to stop off at Kiruna to see the famous Icehotel.

Andalucia in Spain

Now on to the almost ‘polar’ opposite part of Europe, the Andalucia region of Spain is southern enough to ensure some of the mildest temperatures that Europe has to offer during the winter. It’s a major destination during the summer which means that during the winter the prices will be lower, crowds will be smaller and the attractions will still be there in all of their splendor. It’s true that you may not be able to bathe in the sea waters but that is hardly an issue when the tapas and the nightlife can be so enticing.

We chose to talk about two ‘extreme’ examples just to better illustrate the variety that is available to you, keep our European car hire services in mind while visiting any European country.