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Playa del Carmen family tour

Playa del Carmen family tour

As a European traveller, moving away from the “comfort zone” of the somewhat culturally homogenous frame of the Old Continent into the unexpected, spectacular sights of the New World can be a big leap; but one I could never begin to regret! Playa del Carmen family tour is one of those amazing experiences you will remember always, quality times spent with your family (or friends) in an amazing place like Mexico!

Playa del Carmen is an exotic paradise which welcomes you from the start with explosive colours and outstanding landscapes: the wide meandric Caribbean Sea, with its blue depths and clear waves is near, the beaches are white-washed and fine, altogether, it is a perfect escape from reality.

One of the greatest things you can do in Playa del Carmen is suba diving. The place is a real Mexican Mecca for those passionate about water activities, and there are companies that organize such sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, exploring or Playa del Carmen tours.

For those of you who didn’t know, the second largest barrier reef on Earth is here, located in this corner of paradise that you have the unique chance to explore in an exotic tour. The Yucatan Peninsula is a place of great archeological and historical importance, and also one of unparallelled beauty. And Playa del Carmen tours offer you the possibility to customize your holiday so that it suits the needs and schedule of your family or group of friends and yourself.

Few things were more interesting to me in all my travels than visiting the Riviera Maya – which includes Playa del Carmen and the famous Cancun, places where you can truly breathe in the Mexican spirit, witness popular fairs and join in the fiesta and in the traditions.
For all of you who might think swimming with the… sharks is dangerous, please note that diving in Playa del Carmen implies swimming with the great bull sharks in the calm crystal-clear waters, proving what appears to be the safest diving with the sharks experience. No human was reportedly bitten by a shark here. Still, statistics failed to convince me 100%, so I passed this offer and chose the greatest Playa del Carmen family tour. What will you choose?