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Pilsen, Czech Republic, 2015 European capital of culture

Pilsen, Czech Republic, 2015 European capital of culture

We have spoken before about countries from Central Europe, vastly underrated nowadays due to their communist past and today we make a happy stop in Pilsen, Czech Republic, 2015 European capital of culture and home of one of the best beer in the world.

Plzen or Pilsen is located in the beautiful Czech region of West Bohemia and was first attested in a document dating back to 976, when a castle dominated this region. After centuries of adventurous history, today Pilsen is a prominent economic and cultural European center, reason for which it was elected the 2015 European capital of culture.

The beautiful eclectic architecture and the fresh air here is what lures waves of tourists to this wonderful city. Among the most important sights in Pilsen are the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew (founded in the Gothic style, so popular in Europe, in the 13th century) that has a tower measuring 102 meters in length, the Renaissance Town Hall and of course two specific attractions: the Brewery Museum and the Pilsner Urquell Brewery.

Beer has been part of the town’s life ever since the 19th century. In 1839, the municipality built the Burger Brauerei (Citizens’ Brewery – now Plzeňský Prazdroj) – the brewery that was city-owned and which produced the first batch of Pilsen modern beer. The soft water in the region and the special malt are accountable for the unique flavour of a beer that has become a Czech trademark.

What the province of West Bohemia has also been renowned for is its spa towns, famous for centuries for their therapeutic treatments and health maintaining programs. Near Pilsen, you can stop by Karlovy Vary, a worldwide famous destination, attracting among others film enthusiasts and stars for the annual Karlovy Vary Film Festival. Fabulous architecture and monuments, interesting museums (like the Historical Motorcycle Museum or the Moser Glass Museum) is what this spa town has in store for you.

And the great thing about the Czech Republic is that private transport is a popular and widespread option, which you can even book online in advance. So what’s stopping you from planning a great trip?