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Paris: A Tour of Taste Delights

Paris: A Tour of Taste Delights

Paris is the dream destination for millions of people: youngsters, teens dreaming of romantic walks along the Champs Elisees, couples searching for the perfect gesture of love, adventurers who travel the world, elderly people who want to take one blissful last glance of someplace beautiful. And then there are people who do it all for food and who are all in for Paris: A Tour of Taste Delights!

Montmartre is a trademark Parisian center of culture, history and style. Buildings in the eclectic classy French style tower over a maze of monuments, windmills, but also shops, restaurants and bars. It makes Paris one of the greatest food destinations in the world.

When we talk of the French cuisine, famous dishes and foods come to mind: bread baguettes, crepes, sweet eclairs, croissants and the best mousse au chocolat, foie gras, boeuf salad, chateaubriand, but also the rather trivial French fries (which weren’t actually named thus by the French) and… ratatouille. (Admit it, both the dish and the cute mouse of the movie came to mind!).

Food is part of the culture of a people and the local cuisine is something to check on your “to do/ to see” list whenever you travel anywhere. Some tend to believe that, through trying the food of a certain place, they also get a taste of the way people think, feel and what they inherently are.

While that might be a bit too philosophical an outlook on mere food, it is true that Paris food tours are an increasingly more appealing holiday pastime, especially for travelers who are in France for more than a couple of days. A regular food tour begins with a tasting of different French delicacies, a visit to a cheese shop, a patisserie, then you will try some of the famous meats (ham, sausages) and a sweet lovely crepe and to arrive at a glorious denouement of your experience, wine tasting is usually last but certainly not least on the list, enjoying the select bouquet of a glass of Cider or Cabernet.

Welcome to Paris and bon appetit!