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New York Rooftop Tour

New York Rooftop Tour

Life in the Big Apple is always full of life and verve, reminding us of the eventful cosmopolitan lives of the inseparable girlfriends in Sex and the City. One of the greatest heralds of the American society, NY is visited by thousands of visitors from all around the world every day, many of whom opt for a city tour. But lately, discovering the city the traditional way has become rather boring, so how about a New York Rooftop Tour?

New York is famous for its nightlife, the time when it the city comes alive bathed in the glamour of thousands of neon lights. Seeing all this metropolitan beauty from up gives you a sense of freedom and detachment and is an invitation you should not refuse.

Now you have the chance to get an amazing tour from the New York Rooftop. This new invention offers you the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the glamorous social life of the city – and not only by looking from afar; you are also welcome to join in the fun and party hard with the new local friends you are likely to make while exploring the best rooftop lounges and bars in town.

The Big Apple never sleeps, they say. This one night experience, the New York Rooftop Tour and Lounge, will be one worthwhile, unforgettable sleepless night. The tour is hosted by a “Rooftop Guru” who will show you around all the secret places of the town and accompany you on tour of three rooftops where you can enjoy free snacks and drinks. You can book the tour online and get ready for one happy social Friday, as tours are only scheduled this specific day every week, starting at 7 PM.

This may be an excellent excuse to taste the true New Yorker’s life and practice your American slang with the new friends you will meet.