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New Year’s Eve destinations

New Year’s Eve destinations

The winter season is starting to ramp up, Christmas is at our figurative doorstep and people are in the stages of planning their Christmas vacations and holidays. However, in today’s article we’ll talk about a few of the most attractive destinations to spend New Year’s Eve in.

Prague, the Czech Republic

The capital of the Czech Republic is a wonderful place to spend your New Year’s Eve break, because the city stays open throughout the holidays, so there are plenty of things to be done, and the Old Town is absolutely fantastic in the deep of winter. You might have to book somewhere to spend the evening but make sure that you make it to the banks of the Vlatva at midnight because the fireworks over the castle are worth the trip on their own so make sure you see the show. It is true however that Prague hasn’t been a bargain in recent years as it used to be, but you can find some good deals if you look hard enough, and if you’re just staying a few nights.

New South Wales Coast, Australia

There are those who love to spend their New Year’s Eve in the midst of the city and enjoy the lights and the ever-present fireworks displays, however there are those who want to take this special time of the changing of the year to take in a more natural setting, and some love to rock the Australian coast.

This is a region rife with very little-traveled places where you can book a holiday rental, grab a couple of your favorite people and have fun away from the crowds and near to the sound of the sea.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand is a wonderful place to spend New Year’s away from the cold, wet and overpriced drinks of the Western world. We dare to say that many in Europe are quite sick of spending that time in bone chilling cold, so why not head for 25 Centigrade Thailand?

Regardless of your destination this year, keep our car hire services in mind.