New to this megabus thing

New to this megabus thing

I’m not sure if you heard anything about the Mega bus. From what I got they are a company based out of the UK. They have been in business for 10 years. They have hubs in the northeast and the west but they have just come into the south in late November.

So this was my first time actually going on the Mega bus. I heard about it and was kind of skeptical let me tell you why. I was skeptical because they were advertising tickets for as low as $1. Let me repeat that, tickets as low as $1.

I was like is that possible? You’re only going to pay $1 and you’re going to be taking me from here to my destination?

It was cool because I was frequent in Atlanta. I’m in Atlanta for at least once per month. I went on to the website, made my little reservation, of course I’m still kind of skeptical because I’m like there’s no way I’m going to get a ticket for a dollar.

So I looked on the site and the parting ticket was $3, the ticket coming back was $5. I’m still looking at $8 plus 50 cents to register. So when I tell you I went to Atlanta Georgia for $8.50, I’m not lying.

I looked at some other people reviews, some people said they had a problem with their luggage or the bus driver was rude or they had to stop for this or that. Maybe this is not the best idea. Maybe something is going to go wrong. Maybe I’m not going to get my money’s worth and it’s not really going to be.

You know what I didn’t have any issues the entire time. Everything went smoothly. I either got to my destination on time or a little bit early. Everything was just smooth it was a cool trip. I was able to interact with people.

One thing about it is you have to have a debit or a credit card, something with the little visa master card sign on it to make your reservations but if you think about it that kind of eliminates crazy people that could just randomly walk in and buy a ticket with greyhound or other companies like that.

I was ok with it, it was cool. I just wanted to let you all know about the Mega bus. It is a quick, inexpensive alternative instead of flying or renting a car to drive or all that. I want to say they also go to 7 or 8 cities. From Atlanta they go to different places.

I’m really excited about this. Its cutting down on cost of things I have had to do in the past because I have flown before, I’ve rented a car and driven there before and you’re looking at $250 to do both of those and I could do this for $8. You see what I’m saying?

MegabusSo check out the Mega bus. Let me know what you all think. If anybody had tried it before leave a comment let me know how your trip went and you all have a great day.