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Naxos trip

Naxos trip

Those who are planning a Naxos trip are going to visit an island that is very deeply seeded into ancient Greek mythology – and to be honest many places in the region are. It is here that a rather ungrateful Theseus abandoned Ariadne after being helped by her to escape the Cretan labyrinth. However Naxos was the island of Dionysos – the god of wine, ecstasy and an all-around good time – so she didn’t pine for long after Theseus. Even now it is still said that Naxian wine is a great antidote for a broken heart.

Leaving the mythology behind now, Naxos has been a cultural centre for the classical Greek culture and the Byzantine culture, however today you can also see how Venetian and Frankish influences have left their mark upon the place.

Greece is well-known for producing a variety of very sought-after things, olives, grapes, figs, citrus fruits and many others; well Naxos is one of the most fertile islands and produces all of those things, while at the same time also sporting Mt. Zeus, the highest peak in the Cyclades and the focus of the island’s interior.

The island offers a bunch of very different attractions, fro, the great beaches which are just great to explore on foot, to enchanting villages like Halki and Apiranthos, and that’s just a quick look at it.

We mentioned Naxian alcohol at the beginning of our article, well you can visit the Vallindras Distillery if you go to Halki. The Distillery is located in the village’s main square, and they still make ‘kitron’ here in the old-fashioned way.

Going farther back to the mythological history of the place, you may want to check out the Cave of Zeus, a natural cavern that formed at the foot of a cliff on the slopes of Mt. Zeus. The more adventurous traveler who is into hiking and such can take to the roads since this is quite a solid three kilometer hike.

There are obviously many more things to see and do in Naxos however this was only meant to be a push in the direction, keep in mind our Greece car rental services when visiting any part of the country and our Naxos car hire services as well.