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History and fun facts about Valentine’s Day

History and fun facts about Valentine’s Day

Love is everywhere. Whether out of the true urge of their hearts or a bit pressured by the media that depicts the red season of heart-shaped balloons and advertises products one needs to buy for you or your loved one on this occasion, lovers feel inclined to celebrate the official, international Lover’s Day on February 14th.

With the date fast approaching, today we talk about the history and fun facts about Valentine’s Day.

Like most celebrations, religious or otherwise, we feast nowadays, the origins of Valentine’s Day take us back to ancient Roman times. The pagans used to celebrate the Lupercalia in mid-February, a feast of fertility.

Later on, Valentine’s Day was rendered a Christian connection to Saint Valentine. The Catholic Church recognizes at least three saints by the name Valentinus. The most compelling story, nevertheless, speaks of a Christian priest who performed clandestine marriages for soldiers, against the will of the Emperor, Claudius II (who allegedly believed unmarried soldiers made better soldiers). What is celebrated today is the death of Valentine, around the year 270 AD.

In the Middle Ages, Geoffrey Chaucer was the first to write about the Lover’s Day celebration. In the 1300s, the English celebrated Valentine’s Day and the first written greetings date back to the 15th century.

By the 18th century, Valentine’s Day had spread throughout Europe. The first time Valentine’s day cards were mass produced cards was in 1840. When Valentine’s Day spread to the United States of America, it turned into the consumer holiday it is today.

Today, over 1 billion cards are sent worldwide, 220 million roses are produced and 35 million heart-shaped chocolate boxes are exchanged between lovers. 20 billion Dollars are spent each year in America for Valentine’s Day. 20% of lovers buy jewelry and 6 million couples are likely to get engaged on February 14th.

It would appear women remain the most romantic ones, 85% of Valentines being bought by females. Traveling on or around Lover’s Day can be an amazing gift, and it is useful to know international car hire is an option wherever you go!