Great Weather in 2013 Signalling Rise in UK Holidays

Great Weather in 2013 Signalling Rise in UK Holidays

England is a wonderful place to take a holiday. Many people in England decide to go abroad for their holidays, but a growing number are realizing that there are excellent breaks to be had at home. These include self catering holidays and staying in holiday cottages, which are scattered around the countryside.

The UK is chockablock full of amazing scenery and the only thing which is really puts people off visiting these places is poor weather. The summer of 2013 has been a revelation with amazing amounts of sun and warm weather.
Summer 2013 has in some peoples eyes started a revolution which could see a massive resurgence in the UK holiday market.  In particular England is set to benefit thanks to the amazing infrastructure of self catering holiday homes and quaint holiday cottages in the countryside.

There are a wide range of accommodations available and generally the service is higher than that found abroad. Prices are a little higher, as are most things in England, but holidaymakers will be saving money on the cost of flying. Holidaymakers in the UK can drive to their chosen destination.

There are excellent areas of countryside usually within 2 to 3 hours for most people. Others may want to use the very reasonably priced rail network, which are offers special deals, especially when not travelling during peak times such as rush hour and weekends.
Many holiday makers who have already begun taking their breaks in England and the rest of the UK have noted that they are experiencing a higher standard of service compared to abroad.

Holiday cottage owners are usually affluent people who actually use the building as their own holiday home. For the rest of the year they rent out the property looking to recoup some of the invested money. This means that there is often a unique and high standard of furnishing and facilities, because the property has been created specifically for someones dream holiday.

There are a growing number of resources online where you can browse for holiday homes and cottages. The leading directory for luxury self catering accommodation is Unique Holiday Cottages. The website features a massive range of accommodation choices throughout England and Wales. There are also specialist holiday cottage websites in Scotland such as Embrace Scotland and in Ireland such as Irish Country Cottages.

Anybody who lives in England or the rest of the UK should find these websites a good starting point if you are willing to open your mind to holidaying at home. Of course you can never predict the weather in the UK and sometimes it can be down right awful. However this summer has brought about a renewed optimism and even if the weather isn’t fantastic, at least the accommodation will be of a very high standard.

The self catering style of accommodation is proving very popular because families can take food from their home and save money. Much of the self catering accommodation prices are on a par with a full board accommodation abroad. If the family was to take their own food for breakfast and lunch, that would considerably lower costs. Then eating out perhaps just once a day would be well within the budget.

There is a wide selection of properties available from standard caravans and very small holiday homes and cottages, to amazing state of the art converted barns with all of the luxuries one could hope for. You’ll even find some properties with their own private pool or jacuzzi.
Many cottages are set in their own grounds with only a local farmer as a neighbour. Families and couples can really get away from the tourist traps that are package holidays, and enjoy a new and invigorating style of holiday.

There are a number of other reasons why staying at home is a great idea for your next holiday. Firstly you will be helping the environment by lowering your carbon footprint. Flying around the world is certainly not very good for the environment. This is a little factor which is certainly worth considering for those who regard themselves as eco-friendly. Many families will actually take along bicycles and use the holiday as a cycling holiday.

Secondly, you are helping the UK economy if you stay within the country. Millions upon millions of British people’s hard earned money gets spent abroad each year. The Brits are one of the biggest spenders when it comes to holidays abroad. By holidaying in the UK you are helping the British economy to flourish when it could certainly do with a hand.

Finally a great reason to stay in the UK is because there is so much amazing scenery to see, such as the Lake District, Devon, Cornwall, Northumberland and many more amazing landscapes. The countryside in the UK is some of the most beautiful in the world. When you get lucky with the weather, there is nowhere more peaceful, tranquil, and enjoyable to be.