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Goodbye, flight anxiety!

Goodbye, flight anxiety!

They say the plane is the safest means of transportation in the world, much safer than the car or the bus, even the cosy train. But tell that to people who have been through unpleasant, turbulent flight experiences or who quite simply realistically assess their capability to survive a full speed fall from kilometers up in the sky.

With the new iPhone app recently launched by Simplus Technologies Group, LLC everyone can say: Goodbye, flight anxiety!

The app is called Turbcast and is designed for people with fear of flying in hopes of helping them overcome it by providing in depth information about air pockets (or air bumps, or turbulence). Knowledge is power and confidence, think the designers of the app.

Covering most of the Western World (Canada, North America, the United Kingdom, Western Europe and the Caribbean).

Developed by an airline pilot, this fear of flying app gives you a prognosis of what turbulence can be expected during a flight, as well as a view of how a thunderstorm looks from onboard an airplane to a pilot. Combining the NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming technique with knowledge about aeronautics, Turbcast offers a friendly interface and live coverage. All you have to do to “predict” flight turbulence is type your departure and arrival airport and the timezone and the application will do the hard work.

Here is a nice video about the app – check it out and then purchase the Turbcast app online:

Flying may be an acquired taste for some of us, but that doesn’t mean the fear of flying is not something you can overcome. Quite on the contrary: there are dozens of advantages to consider. Enjoy a safe flight and keep yourself busy by keeping an eye on the new travel app Turbcast.



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